Knights Cross Holder Rudolf Kramer Grouping

Knights Cross Holder Rudolf Kramer Grouping

Knights Cross Holder Rudolf Kramer Grouping



An enthusiastic glider pilot, Rudolf Kramer joined the Luftwaffe 1935 and trained as a bomber pilot. In june 1936 he recieved the pilot- and observer-badge. On 4/8/1937 he became instructor at the Neukuhren Flight training school. On 4/10/1938 he was transferred to the Central Bomber School at Fassberg and finally, 1/11/1938, he was assigned to 7./KG157 "Boelcke". Soon afterwards, 31/1/1939, he moved to the 3. Staffel. In the period that followed, Kramer was several times attached to various schools as an flight instrument instructor.


With this Staffel, that was renamed 3./KG27, Kramer took part in the operations against Poland, the Western Campaign (Iron cross second class 18/5/1940) and the aerial offensive against Great Britain (Iron Cross First Class on 18/11/1940). Beginning in september 1940, he was tasked with lone attacks on selected targets. On 2/4/1941, after about 100 missions, he was transferred to the 12./KG26, a training unit based at Lübeck-Blankensee. On 15/1/1942 he was with 3./KG26, which soon afterwards was sent to Grosseto in Italy for torpedo training. The unit was then sent to the Polar sea front and began operations against Murmansk convoys.


Kramer soon developed into one of the Geschwaders most proficient anti-shipping specialists. On 8/5/1942 he was sent to IV/KG26 to attend officers course and was subsequently promoted to Leutnant (war time officer)


On 25/6/1943 Kramer was assigned to KG26s replacement training Gruppe as special duties officer. He was initially attached to the 10. Staffel and from 15/2/1944 the 12. Staffel. With the disbandment of IV./KG26 Kramer was transferred to 3./erg.KGr.LT, for which at the beginning of 1945 became part of EKG 1. It has been impossible to to determine if Kramer returned to combat duty and flew further combat sorties during 1945. He was, however, promoted to Hauptmann on 1/3/1945. Kramer had 416 combat missions in the west and east, he sank 48,000 GRT of enemy shipping and damaged another 220,000 GRT.


Kramer's most important decorations: Honor Goblet 24/4/1942,
German cross in Gold 12/12/1942, Knights cross 18/3/1945.


The grouping consists of following items:


War time Picture of Kramer picturing him with the visor cap and service tunic in this grouping. The photo is 15 x 10 cm with some fraying to the edges.


Luftwaffe service tunic. Exactly the one Kramer is wearing at the studio photo which is included in the grouping. The tunic is tailor made with four front pockets, four large bright/silver colored metal buttons for front closure. To the shoulder is a pair of Luftwaffe flight officer's shoulder straps with two rank pips to each for the rank of Haubtmann (Kramer's last Active service rank). The the collar is Luftwaffe hand embroidered rank collar tabs for the rank of Haubtmann. The reverse of the collar shows old stitching from a previous set of tabs. This shows the tunic was used by Kramer for a longer period of time and the collar tabs had to been replaced when he was promoted to Hauptmann. To the left breast pocket is a rare and early variant of a EM/NCO's breast eagle hand stitched in Place.


All Award loops is exactly at the same spot as seen on the war time photograph. Extra interesting is the advanced glider pilot badge made of silver/bullion threads also clearly visable at the photo. This is the first time we seen a badge like this in wear. Rare and interesting! For further cementing the Group as Kramer's, (well no need the photo is everything any collector can wish for) we find a name tag inside the left inner breast pocket, it reads: "Kramer". The tunic shows signs of use with minor soiling and some fraying to the lining. Overall very good, used condition.


Tailor made service trousers. Straight leg, tailor made service trousers. The trousers shows signs of use and age. Still good condition.


Luftwaffe Officer's Visor cap, exactly the same as used by Kramer in the studio photo: The cap is made of Luftwaffe blue wool/rayon blend cloth with a black centerband. Bright silver/aluminum piping to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband. The front center of the cap has a hand embroidered Luftwaffe eagle. The eagle is neatly handstitched to the cap. The centerband has a hand embroidered oak-leaf wreath in silver/aluminum wire threads with a hand embroidered national tri-color cockade.


The cap has an twisted silver/aluminum chin cord which is secured to the cap by two pebbled alloy buttons. Black lacquered visor has stitched on, simulated leather edging. The interior of the cap is fully lined in blue rayon. Celluloid sweat diamond still in place. Cap has a pressed paper ersatz sweatband which is complete. The lining is partly loose to the front as well as the sweatband. The cap has lost it's shape and needs a re shape as well as some reinforement stitches to get the lining and sweatband in place again. Nothing major at all and can eaily be fixed by anyone with limited sewing skills. Besides this, the cap is in good used condition.


Museum quality grouping with 100% provinance to a Knight Cross holder. It doesn't get any better than this!!




Knights Cross Holder Rudolf Kramer Grouping

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