Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführers Tropical Sahariana Tuni

Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführers Tropical Sahariana Tuni

Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführers Tropical Sahariana Tunic


The tunic is made of khaki cotton twill, with a flap that extends across the shoulders. The flap also serves as the pocket flaps for the breast poickets. There is also two more pockets located at the hips. Both with ordinary pointed pocket flaps Close by a single tan colored button. The front has a row of four tan colored glass buttons for closure. To each shoulder is grey painted glass buttons and sewn in provisions for shoulder strap attachment. Here we find a pair of SS shoulder straps made of black colored cloth with field grey reinforcement to the reverse. Each shoulder strap has tan colored waffle pattern NCO rank tresse all arround edges and open in the bottom for the rank of Unterscharführer. To the edges is green colored piping, denoting service in SS gebirgsjäger division. To the left upper sleeve is a tropical RZM pattern SS eagle machine sewn in Place. To the right sleeve is a machine embroidered SS edelweiss badge hand sewn in Place.


To the inside we find the sewn ventilation holes to each armpit. The tunic is stamped on the panel on the right side opening with the Rbnr number as well as size stamps. Green colored tie strings still intact, used for size adjustment. Single Medical pocket also still in Place. All buttons match perfectly and appears to be original to the tunic. Each button is attached with "S" rings and marked "19 RKG 42" to the reverse.


The tunic shows clear signs of use with some stains and a couple of smaller wear holes to the front, sides and sleeves. There is also one old mending located to the left breast pocket. All in all a well used tunic in good condition. 


Shoulder straps, sleeve eagle and edelweiss is all war time original ones but has been restored to the tunic.


Great looking tropical SS tunic restored back to its former glory!!



Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführers Tropical Sahariana Tuni

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