Heer EM/NCO's M42 Overseas Cap

Heer EM/NCO\'s M42 Overseas Cap

Heer EM/NCO's M42 Overseas Cap


The M42 overseas cap was introduced for wear by EM/NCO personnel on July 21st 1942, as a replacement for the earlier M34 overseas cap. The M42 cap was designed to offer more protection from the cold for the ears and neck and the design pattern was based on the Mountain Troopers BergmĂĽtze but without the visor.


The cap is made of field-grey wool with fold down back and side panels and two pebbled metal button front closure. Cap has magnetic sheet metal ventilation grommet to either side. Front center of cap has a machine woven national eagle in mouse grey threads. Front center of cap also has a machine woven national tri-color cockade which the natinal eagle is partly sewn ower. The national eagle is machine sewn to the top which has been folded down and the rest of the eagle is neatly hand stitched as well as the cockade. Very interesting sewing technique, which all serious collectors should study carfully.. Interior is fully lined with grey rayon. The rayon lining is well marked with size "55", year of manufacturing "42" and makers mark "Kurtze & Stockmann Berlin C K.G." there is also a depot stamp which reads "B. II 42".


The cap is in good used condition with Heavy napwear, rust to the front buttons and metal grommets.


Well used and totally untouched example!!


Heer EM/NCO's M42 Overseas Cap

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