Heer Officer's Dagger With Portepee

Heer Officer\'s Dagger With Portepee

Heer Officer's Dagger With Portepee



The dress dagger's was designed by Berlin graphic artist Paul Casberg and was officially approved for wear on May 4th 1935.


The dagger features a 26cm long, drop forged steel construction, nickel/silver plated stiletto style blade. The full length including the hilt is roughly 38cm. The blade is not maker marked, it was most probably replaced at one Point of time. We beleive it was wartime replaced since it match the rest of the dagger very well in wear and tear. The original brown leather washer is still intact. The dagger has a cast Tombak crossguard, ferrule, and pommel. The dagger has a molded White colored celluloid grip with two crack's. The cracks is clearly visable but the grip holds together perfectly. Dagger is complete with original magnetic sheet metal construction scabbard. Both scabbard bands with embossed oak-leaf pattern and the hanger suspension rings are intact. The throat retaining screw is missing. Included is a war time original portapee which match the dagger perfect.


Overall good used condition. Two, cracks in the handle. The scabbard has no dents. Matching parts with a nice age patina all over.


Very nice, perfectly matching rig!!


Heer Officer's Dagger With Portepee

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