NSDAP Oberdienstleiter, Gau Level Hauptamtsleiter's Tunic

NSDAP Oberdienstleiter, Gau Level Hauptamtsleiter\'s Tunic

NSDAP Oberdienstleiter, Gau Level Hauptamtsleiter's Tunic


Four pocket high quality tailor made tunic made of light brown colored cloth. Two pleated breast pockets and two pockets to the waist. Closed by four buttons for to the front. To the left arm is a armband made of red cloth and bullion denoting the rank of "Hauptamtsleiter" sewn all around the sleeve. To the neck is a pair of embroidered Oberdienstleiter collar tabs with celleon embroidery machine sewn in place. The tabs is piped with the destinctive Bordeux Red color which indicates "Gau level". The same piping is also found all arround the collar. War Merit Cross 2'nd Class ribbon properly sewn to top button hole. Two sets of award loops is hand sewn to the left breast pocket and above the pocket is loops for a longer ribbon bar. Proper gilt buttons firmly attached to both the front and pockets. 


The tunic is fully lined with golden colored rayon with Cream White rayon lined sleeves. 


The insignia was in use between 1939–1945. Which means this is a war time used example.


This tunic would make an excellent display piece and would be very hard to upgrade. Stunning example!!




NSDAP Oberdienstleiter, Gau Level Hauptamtsleiter's Tunic

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