Kriegsmarine Officer's Tropical Tunic

Kriegsmarine Officer\'s Tropical Tunic

Kriegsmarine Officer's Tropical Tunic.


Light Brown/beige colored "Khaki" tunic with open collar, four fire gilded marine buttons for front closure. Constructed with the standard Kriegsmarine cut with four pleated pockets and scalloped flaps. The same type of buttons but smaller sized ones for the shoulder boards all secured via "S" rings.


Tunic have shoulder straps with Bright silver/aluminum top and White cloth backing. Each board with one gold colored alloy/aluminium pip denoting the rank, Oberleutnant Zur See. To right breast is a removable fire gilded high quality Kriegsmarine officers eagle pinned in Place through the sets of loops sewn to the tunic.   


Completely unlined with very clear size and maker mark stamps under the right breast panel.


Tunic show more minor wear. Insignia match the rest of the tunic perfectly. All in all a very nice KM tropical tunic which display very well!


Super nice exampel!!


Kriegsmarine Officer's Tropical Tunic

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