Russia WWII Order of the Alexander Nevsky With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Alexander Nevsky With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Alexander Nevsky With Research


Awarded to Lieutenant Sobolev Vasiliy Pavoich with Order of the Alexander Nevsky for courage and heroism. Born in 1921.
Nationality  Belarusian. Served in the Red Army from 15.09.1940
Military rank Lieutenant.
Mortar Platoon Commander 107th Rifle Regiment 55th Rifle Division.


Order of the Alexander Nevsky(Type3). Made of solid silver and enamels.Total weight is about 42g without the metal disc.  The maker mark Monetni Dvor(manually by a stichel) is located at the 6 o’clock position underneath the screw and the serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position it reads "17389" Among the orders of the third type, there are orders in which the stigma of the mint is carved manually by a stichel. Rarely found watering of this type.


This is what we find in the Russian military archives about this order:

"On June 20, 1944 when crossing the Pripyat river in the village of Novoselki, Belarussian SSR, lieutenant Sobolev first crossed to the right bank of the river and made the enemy retreat by intense fire of his mortar platoon, while destroying 2 easel machine guns, 4 light machine guns and 15 enemy soldiers.
On June 27, 1944 during the fight for the village Potapovichi, Belarussian SSR, lieutenant Sobolev suppressed mortar battery fire of the enemy interfering our troop advancement. Being at the forward command post of a rifle company on 2nd July 1944, personally corrected the fire and organized interaction with fire rifle units while blocking highway. As a result, lieutenant Sobolev repelled 4 enemy counterattacks and eliminated its half ring trying to cut off our army formations.
During the fight for the town Luninec, Belarussian SSR, blocking the Germans retreat road, lieutenant Sobolev helped infantry hold the line by timely firing when the enemy launched a counterattack by company of machine gunners, 2 tanks and 1 Ferdinand. When the enemy approached a distance of 100 meters, lieutenant Sobolev removed material part as mines finished, continued to fight with infantry weapons and personally destroyed 9 enemy soldiers, thereby kept the line and forced the enemy to retreat to its original line with its heavy losses. In this battle, lieutenant’s Sobolev platoon destroyed more than 30 enemy soldiers and officers.
Lieutenant Sobolev was presented for the award of order of Red Banner, however by the higher command was awarded with order of Alexander Nevsky for his courage and heroism.
During the 2nd war Lieutenant Sobolev was also rewarded with other rewards and medals".


Rare order in very good condition with full research!!


Russia WWII Order of the Alexander Nevsky With Research

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