Grossdeutschland 4'th Pattern Cufftitle

Grossdeutschland 4\'th Pattern Cufftitle

Grossdeutschland 4'th Pattern Cufftitle


The 4th and last pattern Grossdeutschland cufftitle appeared in June 1943 and was used untill the end of the war.


This example is a exceptionally rare 4th pattern cufftitle in hand embroidered silver/aluminum wire most probably made for an officer. To the top and bottom is silver/aluminum russian braid machine sewn in Place. The base cloth is of high quality smooth cloth. To the reverse we find light Brown buckram, embroidery backing. The cloth is folded over the top to the reverse and is closed by the common seen "cross over" style of stitching.


Full length 41cm with only minor fraying to the edges. Overall very good condition with minor signs of age and use.


Extremely rare 4'th type silver/aluminum embroidered Grossdeutschland cufftitle. Don't miss out on this one!!


Grossdeutschland 4'th Pattern Cufftitle

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