Kriegsmarine Minesweeper's War Badge

Kriegsmarine Minesweeper\'s War Badge

Kriegsmarine Minesweeper's War Badge



The Minesweeper’s war badge was instituted on August 31st, 1940 by the Commander in Chief of the Navy and Grand Admiral, Erich Raeder. The main prerequisite for bestowal of the award was participation in three operational sorties.


High quality badge made of Tombak. The badge has a strong fire gilded, golden eagle and wreath, silver colored water funnel and grey colored Waves. The reverse has no finish and never had one. The reverse shows signs of tooling and hand finish. Hinge pin and Catch all intact to the reverse.


Superb example!!


Complete pin and catch assembly. Nice worn and used early example.


Kriegsmarine Minesweeper's War Badge

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