Heer Panzergrenadier Obergefreiter's M43 Tunic

Heer Panzergrenadier Obergefreiter\'s M43 Tunic

Heer Panzergrenadier Obergefreiter's M43 Tunic


Standard issue fieldgrey wool tunic, six button front, 4 patch-style pockets and straight-edge flaps. At collar is late war Einheits litzen, period machine sewn in place. Bevo type brea steagle machine sewn above right breast pocket period sewn through the lining (not seldom seen on m43 tunics!). To the shoulder is m44 shoulder straps buttoned in Place with rayon toxic green piping denoting service in panzergrenadier branch. Hand sewn to the left upper sleeve is a doubble rank Chevron with a star. Tunic has puncture holes for one badge to the left breast pocket and a east front ribbon hand sewn in Place.


Partly lined in grey rayon cloth. Lining is in good condition with light signs of age and use. There is faint size stamps which is now barely visable to the right inside lapel. The tunic still has the original belthooks and medic pocket in Place.


Overall very good, Little used condition.


Very nice m43 combat tunic!!


Heer Panzergrenadier Obergefreiter's M43 Tunic

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