German Cross in Gold Winner U-boat Captain Franz-Georg Reschke P

German Cross in Gold Winner U-boat Captain Franz-Georg Reschke P

German Cross in Gold Winner U-boat Captain Franz-Georg Reschke Patrol Jacket And Pants



Reschke was born 26th of May 1908 in Schnittken in Germany and died at the age of 88 1'st of December 1996.


During WWII, Reschke was promoted to Korvettenkapitän 1'st of April 1943. And served as the captain of U-205. Most important decoration was the German Cross in Gold wich was awarded to Franz 17 November 1942.


U-205 made 8 patrols with a total of 225 days at sea. and sunk one 1 warship which was the British 5450 ton light cruiser Hermione. Hermione was an almost brand new ship, completed 1941. Here is a short action report from when Hermione was torpedoed by U-205.


"At 23.20 hours on 15 June, U-205 spotted a group of warships north of Sollum and attacked two destroyers with one G7e torpedo each at 23.38 and 23.40 hours, but missed. Only then Reschke recognized one of the shadows as cruiser and fired a spread of three torpedoes at 00.19 hours on 16 June, hitting HMS Hermione on the starboard side. The ship immediately settled by the stern with a list of 22° and then completely turned over on one side, remaining afloat for 21 minutes before sinking. Eight officers and 80 ratings were lost. The survivors were picked up by the escorting destroyers and were landed at Alexandria."


Reschke's patrol leather jacket, pants and documents was bought directly from the family by Military Antiques of Stockholm AB about 10years ago. Apparantly was the grouping split up at some point of time. Now we received the jacket and pants to sell on comission.


Real issue patrol jacket, constructed of soft and pliable grey colored leather. Doubble rows of civilian (but original to the jacket) styles of buttons, 4 to each side. Two slash pockets, positioned to each side of the waist and two hip pockets with straight pocket flaps. The coat is nicely marked with "K" for "Kriegsmarine" as well as with the national eagle. The jacket is completely lined with thick black colored cotton/wool. The inside neck has a tailors label machine sewn in Place. The label reads: "Grösse 54, Kaptlt F.G Reschke No 1325 27 Nov 194?." The jacket is in good used condition with softy and pliable leather, no holes, rips or mendings. Just signs of honest use.


Private purchase grey colored leather deck pants. The trousers has been widened at some Point of time with the size adjustment straps moved about 5cm and a new piece of leather sewn in Place, the leather is about 5cm wide at the waist and narrows downwards. All original grey painted buttons still in Place. Overall soft and pliable and leather with signs of use, no damaged or mendings.


Rare piece of Naval history!!







German Cross in Gold Winner U-boat Captain Franz-Georg Reschke P

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