German M-1872 Kriegsmarine Applicanten Dirk

German M-1872 Kriegsmarine Applicanten Dirk

German M-1872 Kriegsmarine Applicanten Dirk 


Applicanten Dirks are very difficult to find. They were worn by candidates 1872 and onward. Around the turn of the century, paymasters also adopted these Applicanten style dirks, however they usually has much more elaborate mounts than this plain and simple type.


This beautiful Kriegsmarine Applicanten Dirk is an outstanding condition that belies its considerable age. The hilt is basically a one piece unit, with the grip and crossguard of a single casting made of gold painted ferrous metal. The gilded finish throughout the hilt appears to be intact to about 80%. On the left side of the grip there are ribs, built into the casting, which act as a hand grip. The crossguard has a smooth center block on the reverse, while on the obverse center there is an intricately rendered Imperial crown.


The 33.5cm doubbled etched blade is in very good condition. Clear etching with still visable frosted backgrounds.


The ricasso is stamped with the producer of this example. The original red leather washer is in good condition, in place and still protecting the blade after all these years.


The scabbard is of leather which has been decorated with twin lines that run down the edges of both sides. The leather throughout is still supple and shows only light chafe wear. The scabbard mounts are plain, the upper example having a long lug for the attachment of a frog. The lower mount has twin lines decorating the obverse. Both have scalloped edges where they meet the leather shell, and are retained by numbered staples.



If you are working on a Kriegsmarine dagger collection, this example will make an outstanding addition!!




German M-1872 Kriegsmarine Applicanten Dirk

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