Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap

Heer EM/NCO\'s M43 Field Cap

Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap



The cap is made of later field-grey colored wool with a hint of Brown (often seen on later poduced Heer caps and uniforms). Fold down back and side panels and two small, field grey metal button front closure. The back and side panels were designed to be folded down to protect the wearers ears and neck and the scalloped front section could be secured with the buttons closed under the wearers chin. The front center of the cap has a machine woven national eagle in mouse grey rayon threads over a national cockade. The trapezoid shaped insignia is mounted on a rayon trapezoid base. The insignia is neatly machine stitched to the cap. The cap has an cloth covered visor with an internal stiffener with a subtly raised lip to the top of the forward edge. The interior of the cap is fully lined in grey Rayon. The lining shows a very faded manufacturers stamp, its now impossible to read.


The cap is in well used condition with Heavy nap wear especially to all exposed parts. The metal buttons shows surface rust, the trapezoid insignia has two holes to each side of the eagle (still firmly sewn to the cap though). Inside shows stains, grease and dirt from sweat and old hair Products.


Combat used example which for sure has seen a lot of action!!


Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap

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