German Cross In Gold Cloth Type Heer Issue

German Cross In Gold Cloth Type Heer Issue

German Cross In Gold Cloth Type Heer Issue


The German Cross was introduced on 28th of September 1941 in two classes of Gold and Silver. The Gold class Cross was awarded to military personnel for exceptional acts of bravery or achievement in combat while the Silver class was awarded for distinguished acts of service in the war effort. On introduction of the award a cloth version was also authorized for wear with the color of the base material indicating which branch of service the cross was awarded to with a field-grey base for award to Heer and Waffen-SS personnel, a black base for Panzer personnel, a blue/grey base for Luftwaffe and a navy blue base for Kriegsmarine personnel.


Hand embroidered example with field-grey cloth backing and outer edges denoting this Cross was awarded to a Heer Soldier or Officer. The cross has a gilt washed alloy wreath with the impressed introduction date: "1941" to the bottom center. The inner and outer edges of the wreath have red thread borders with an additional fine silver/aluminum thread border to the outer edge. The wreath encompasses an embroidered black swastika with a silver/aluminum thread outer border on a white rayon base. Reverse is covered by black protective paper which is marked "1". Most likely the manufacturers number.


The cross is in a super nice, well used condition with a Heavy patina to the obverse. Interesting to find the reverse well preserved which tells us this cross does not suffer from bad storage but rather from front line service! 


Super cool DKIG, combat veteran which survived a bit tarnished but still un-damaged!!


German Cross In Gold Cloth Type Heer Issue

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