SS-VT Fieldgrey EM/NCO´s M34 Side Cap

SS-VT Fieldgrey EM/NCO´s M34 Side Cap

SS-VT Fieldgrey EM/NCO´s M34 Side Cap.


First pattern Fieldgrey "schiffchen", (side cap), EM/NCO’s overseas cap originally introduced in 1935, and issued for wear until October 1940 when the second pattern side cap was introduced.


Field-grey wool construction cap with fold down side and back panels with downward scallops to front and forward sides. Front center of scalloped fold down panels has a Bevo EM/NCO´s skull, a couple threads have come loose and one can clearly see the shadow of where the skull Always have been attached. Above the fold down panel we find a Bevo EM/NCO´s Eagle. Both insignias are hand sewn to the cap.


The field grey drill lining has a size stamp 57 stamp and a faint maker mark stamp which looks like a Clemens Wagner one. The lining show wear and slight staining but no damage. 


Outside Cap show napwear all over however no damage just honest wear and dirt.


A very hard to find cap in good worn condition!!



SS-VT Fieldgrey EM/NCO´s M34 Side Cap

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