Heer Artillery Feldwebel's Issue M43 Combat Tunic

Heer Artillery Feldwebel\'s Issue M43 Combat Tunic

Heer Artillery Feldwebel's Issue M43 Combat Tunic.


Heer issue M43 style tunic, made of grey/green captured Italian cloth. The tunic has six later war black/grey steel buttons front closure. The collar has been covered (period NCO upgrade) with dark-green badge cloth. The tunic is a true m43 tunic with flat pocket flaps the pockets has added a "false" pleats added for a smarter look. To the collar is early Heer collar tabs with Red branch piping to the center. The collar Points has a very cool Sharp angel and the tabs is sewn in a non-regulation way. Something we often see with period NCO upgraded tunics.


The collar has also Bright silver/aluminium NCO rank tresse sewn around the edges. To the shoulder's is slip on shoulder straps with silver rank tresse all around the edges and one silver rank pip and Red colored branch piping to the each strap. Above the right breast eagle is a NCO/Officer style breast eagle machine sewn in Place. The eagle has been restored back in Place.


To the left breast pocket is loops for one award. Above the pocket is loops sewn for a 3 Place medal ribbon bar. To the right breast pocket is Award loops sewn for most likely a German Cross in Gold.  


Inside is lined with silver/grey Rayon lining. The right inner lapel is well marked with both size stamps and RBN number. There is also a very faint year of manufacturing stamp which is hard to read.


The tunic is in good used condition with signs of wear to all exposed parts and minor soiling and age toning to all exposed parts. Insignia match the tunic perfectly and is original to the tunic besides the restored breast eagle.   


Super nice, period NCO upgraded m43 tunic for a highly decorated Artillery or Stug Soldier!!


Heer Artillery Feldwebel's Issue M43 Combat Tunic

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