Heer TSD Generalmajor Combat Tunic

Heer TSD Generalmajor Combat Tunic

Heer TSD Generalmajor Combat Tunic


In January 1944 the Army instituted a new career for officers and certain officials entitled TSD "Truppen sonderdienst", (Special Service). This new career used light blue waffenfarbe branch color.

All general's in the Heer was ordered by order "HV 44B No. 216" April 25, 1944 to use the base color branch piping rather than the previously used Red color used by all generals.


Very scarce Generalmajor TSD, "special service" combat tunic. Highest quality tailormade m36 style combat tunic made of field-grey cloth. Pleated patchstyle pockets with scalloped pocket flaps. Six pebbled, fire gilded button front closure. Dark-green stand and fall collar with excellent quality hand embroidered Generals, golden/yellow celleon threads and Deep gold bullion thread highlights. All embroidered on light blue collar patches which are machine sewn in place.


Sew in Generals bullion and silver/aluminum-thread shoulder boards on fine light blue colored wool underlay. To each board is a highest quality alloy metal cypher with fire gilded finish, the cypher shows an mercurian staff with two serpents. (as introduced by order No 233 22 April 1944). To the right chest above the breast pocket is a hand embroidered breast eagle on dark green base cloth. The eagle is made of different celleon and bullion threads to create a stunning 3D look.


Loops for one long ribbonbar above left breast pocket and loops for Three Award loops sewn to the left pocket. To the right breast pocket is loops sewn for one award. To and just below the left breast pocket is Award loops sewn for 4 Awards. Above the same pocket is loops sewn for a longer medal ribbon bar.


Inside is fully lined in grey rayon cloth. With white rayon sleeves. Sloth through to left lower pocket for dagger hanger to pass through. And the dagger hanger and metal device still intact. Tailor label machine sewn outside the left inner pocket. It reads "Martin Günther, Scharfenstein". Tunic shows light wear and minor soiling, no damage or mendings. There is some chafe wear to highlighted positions though. All insignias match the rest of the tunic perfectly with a light age tone and is period applied in our opinion.


Very RARE, TSD generalmajor m36 combat tunic in well preserved condition. First time and possibly the last time we ever have one for sale!!




Heer TSD Generalmajor Combat Tunic

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