Heer Generals Side Cap

Heer Generals Side Cap

Heer Generals Side Cap


Private purchase cap made of field-grey, high quality, ribbed tricot cloth. Fold down side and back panels. The top edge of the scalloped panels and crown edge are piped with golden Celleon. The front center of the cap has a machine embroidered Heer flatwire style national eagle which has been neatly hand sewn in Place. Front center of the fold down panels has a bullion national tri-color cockade also hand stitched in place. The cockade shows light oxidation to the metal threads. Red colored rayon soutache denoting service as a general (any branch) or Artillery if the cap which we Think it is, manufactured 1944 when the regulations changed for Generals to display their respective branch of service. The rank soutache has been machine sewn in place as well as inserted through two puncture holes (correct type of period application). To each side of the cap is Heavy ventilation grommets crimped in Place. Both with a field-grey enamel finish.


Inside is lined with green colored rayon. Green colored partial leather swetband still intact to the front of the cap. The lining has a small size mark stamp "57" which also is the real size of the cap.  


Overall good used condition, signs of light use, but even wear to all exposed parts as well as light color fading. Clearly visable when the side panels are folded down. Inside shows matching condition with signs of real wear. 


Most likely a later war produced cap with the use of Celleon rank braiding and officer style of eagle and cockade. The use of "Officer" style of insignias on Generals headgears are commonly seen from period photos. And the insingas is 100% period attached in our opinion.    


General's side cap in super nice, still used condidion!!


Heer Generals Side Cap

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