Family Purchased IJA Named Major's, 130th Div Army Officer's Vis

Family Purchased IJA Named Major\'s, 130th Div Army Officer\'s Vis

Family Purchased IJA Named Major's, 130th Div Army Officer's Visor Cap



A superb example of the late-war low-peaked army officer's visor made of high-quality olive-drab wool. Though it remains in great shape there signs of age and use including superficial cracking on the bill, rusting on the surface of the metal ventilation grommets and a couple of nearly unnoticeable moth bites. All of which are however quite common among original Japanese officer's visors anywhere. In fact considering the tons of existing more damaged examples this visor is remarkably well-preserved. It's solid, beautiful and complete all parts including the chinstrap are present and intact.  It's of a size intermediate between medium and large and would fit on most mannequin heads.


Though the visor looks clean and appears unworn the silk lining shows some discoloration, indicating that the visor was worn. However it appears that it was only slightly worn, as there is no rips or cracks in the sweat band.  On the silk lining the original owner's sir name "Hachiya" is stylishly embroidered, referring to "Saburo Hachiya" who was an elite officer and a staff memeber of the 130th Division which was stationed in Southern China. 
His final rank was Major.  


He was documented in the list of the graduates from Army War College which was the Imperial Army's foremost elite training school which specialized in creating staff officers.  (


Here's what we know of him:
1937:  Graduated from Imperial Army Academy
April 1943:  As a Captain, he was transferred from a Mechanized/Transport unit in Northern China to the Fourteenth Area Army as a staff officer.
December 1943:  He was chosen to enter Army War College and moved to Japan. December 1944: He was graduated from Army War College.
April 1945: He was assigned to a staff position with the newly formed 130th Division which was operated in Southern China.


This visor came from the veteran family, so there is no room for doubt in the aforementioned connection between the visor and the elite officer.


An Imperial Army War College graduate's visor is SUPER rare to find. Don't miss out on this one!!


Family Purchased IJA Named Major's, 130th Div Army Officer's Vis

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