Heer Panzer EM/NCO´s M34 Overseas Cap with Pink Soutache

Heer Panzer EM/NCO´s M34 Overseas Cap with Pink Soutache

Heer Panzer EM/NCO´s M34 Overseas Cap with Pink Soutache


Issue cap constructed of thicker black colored cloth commonly used in earlier panzer caps body. At front it has a White on black backing Bevo EM/NCO´s eagle hand sewn in place. On front of turn-up there is a matching BEVO cocade also hand sewn in place. Cap has a pink soutache which is machine sewn in Place as well as inserted ends through two punkture holes (correct way of application). Heavy black painted vents on either side of crown with proper crimping. 


Inside cap have the typical mouse grey, brushed cotton lining. Well marked with maker "Johannes Hoffmann, Marienburg 3a" as well as a size marking "55" and finally year of manufacture "1939". There is also a very faint depot stamp in black ink. There is one mark blue/black ink stamp with the number "3-98" which in our opinion is stamped in Place after the war. The stamp is most likely a collector inventory stamp which was not common to find "back in the days". But more likely a museum inventory stamp, again more commonly seen "back in the days" when caps like this was far more commonly encountered and much cheaper.


The cap is in very good still used condition. Some sweat and grease stains are visable to the lining. The Zinc grommets shows some oxidation to the inside and there is some paint loss to the black paint. The cap aslo shows minor signs of use with some loose threads as we expect to see on real used caps. Outside shows minor napwear and color fading to the insignias which match the inside perfectly. All in all a very nice example which has seen some use.


Scarce early M34 overseas cap in very good still used condition!!


Heer Panzer EM/NCO´s M34 Overseas Cap with Pink Soutache

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