Item Id: HV01032

Visor Cap or leader in Diplomatic Service


“Uniforms for the Diplomatic Corps were first introduced in 1938. They underwent near continuous modification between then and 1943.


In April of 1939, a uniform pattern for Officials was introduced. The garments are either navy blue or field-grey. This uniform pattern was not meant as a replacement for the June 1938 pattern uniforms worn by Diplomats. Initially, both navy blue and field-grey garments were worn by all Officials, but in September of 1939 the field-grey uniform was restricted to those Officials stationed outside the German Reich (including the General Gouvernment) and the navy blue uniform was only worn by those stationed within the German borders. The highest ranked Officials, those that wore collar piping on their tunics, would continue to wear the navy blue uniform regardless of where they were stationed. In March of 1940, field-grey uniforms were restricted to those Officials attached to Hitler’s headquarters or military headquarters, as well as higher ranked Officials in both the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the General Gouvernment (Poland).”


Cap is made from fieldgrey ribbed tricot cloth with a black wool centerband. At front of cap we have a bullion wreath with a metal cocardeas well as a bullion national eagle, also at front silve/aluminium heavy chincord. Outside do show wear and has some field repairs and some smaller wearholes, cap hasfor surebeen worn during the period. Insignias are matching and also show wear.


Inside cap is made of grey cotton at the sides and rayon at the top. only remnants of the sweatshieldis stillin place.Cap still has it´s original brown leather sweatband and has a vulcanfibre peak with black painted underside, all insideis in matching good worn condition.


This is a very hard cap to find,very seldom offered for sale,one was sold at Hermann Historicas auction in may 2023 here, Lot 4396 | Dave Webster Collection | Online Catalogue | A96r | Past auctions | Buy | Hermann Historica (


Don´t miss thisone,it willfor sure take a while till you see another!!



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