Item Id: HF22029

Luftwaffe EM/NCO's Winter Fur Cap


Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Winter Fur Cap

The severe cold encountered on the Russian front in the winter of 1941/42 found the Germans completely unprepared not only in heat retaining cold weather garments but also snow camouflage garments. This resulted in numerous, hastily improvised and makeshift heat retaining and snow camouflage items being utilized including everything from civilian winter clothing to white bed sheets. After the winter of 1941/42 the Oberkommando des Wehrmacht recognized the need for heavier winter clothing and testing began in the spring of 1942 to develop suitable garments. The fur caps were a standard issue item and were distributed to all EM/NCO’s for the winter season, Although there was no official standard model of the fur cap the most commonly encountered type followed the basic pattern of the Mountain and M43 caps with fold down back and side panels designed to protect the wearers ears and neck.


White tanned leather construction cap with sheep fur front, fold down side ear lugs and back panels. Tie-string complete with luftwaffe blue/grey glass button. To the front of the cap is a machine embroidered Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s national eagle and cockade neatly hand sewn in place. The cap is in good condition and shows light signs of age and use.


Not so commonly encountered cap in good condition!!