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Item Id: IH20143

Aserbaidschan Volunteer's Sleeve Shield


Hitler finally allowed the formation of a Turkistan Legion in November 1941 which was to be attached to the German 162ND Infantry Division as a parent and training unit. In December 1941 Hitler permitted three more foreign volunteer legions to be formed from non-ethnic Russian personnel including the Caucasian Moslem Legion. In early 1942 with further expansions the Caucasian Moslem legion was divided in two creating the North Caucasian and the Aserbaidschan legions. As with other foreign volunteer legions members of the Aserbaidschan legion were allocated an identifying sleeve shield insignia that was introduced in 1942.


First pattern printed sleeve shield. Shield shape base with three bars in blue, red and green with a narrow black outer border. The top of the shield has an additional black bar with red script: “Aserbaidschan”. The shield is still on its original cotton factory roll and is in overall very good condition.


Perfectly preserved exampel!!

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