Item Id: UC23021

Heer Oberleutnant in Panzer Regiment 11 Panzer Wrapper


Second pattern black wool construction double breasted style tunic with fold back lapels and a large lay down collar. The left front closure panel of the tunic is shortened to three buttons for a better fit. The right front closure panel has three large bakelite buttons and three smaller buttons all intact. The right breast has an M36 pattern machine woven national breast eagle in white rayon threads on a woven, black, rayon base. The eagle is hand stitched to the tunic. The tunic has junior officer’s, slip-on shoulder straps made of dull russian russian braid with pink wool underlay. Pinned in place to each strap is a singel gilt rank pip and a set of unit number “11” cyphers ion gilt metal. Denoting rank of Oberleutnant serving in panzer regiment 11. The collar features black wool construction collar tabs with Aluminium skulls and pink rayon waffenfarbe piping to the outside edges. The collar tabs are machine stitched to the collar. The interior breast panels are lined in black rayon. Regulation issue tunic which has war time retailored to fit an officer. The tunic is in a medium worn condition and shows matching wear inside and out. Insignias match in wear and age.


Rare panzer officers with the real “been there feeling”!!