Item Id: UC23010

Heer Tropical M42 Unterfeldwebel four-pocket Tunic


Standard M42 Tropical Tunic in olive coloured cotton cloth. Four patchstyle pockets with scaloped pocket flaps . Pebbled metal buttons are removable and attached by means of S-rings.
Collar litzen with copper brown piping are machine sewn as well as hand sewn to collar and are factory applyed. Around collar we find tropical NCO tresse machine sewn to collar. BEVO tropical breast eagle on copper brown base is both machine (upper part) and hand sewn above right breast pocket it can be factory sewn or a later replacement, hard to say for sure. The tunic has Mountaintrooper (grass green rayon piped) NCO shoulder straps with the same type of tresse sewn around the straps. At right arm we find a Bevo Mountaintroopers edelweis onlight green backing handsewn in place. At the left breast pocket there are loops for a two badges.

Tunic has been worn and show wear and sunfading all over, some parts have been more prone to fading then others as seen on the photos.

Tunic is unlined with complete medic pocket. It has a faint RB-number marking and size marks as seen on the photos.

Quite rare M42 Gebirgsjäger Unterfeldwebels tropical tunic in good still used condition!!