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Item Id: JM22062

Japanese WWII "Going to War" Banner for a Navy Recruit


The banner measures 127cm x 35cm. This silk banner celebrates a recruit’s enrollment to Japanese Imperial Navy.
It shows some age toning and slight fading of colors, but the long fringe at the lower end is totally intact.
There’s three tiny holes upper edge of the banner, indicating it was hung on the wall by thumb tacks long time ago.
The kanji reads “To Celebrate Enrollment to the Corps”(祝入団)and the recruit’s name “Mr.Yasuaki Shimokawa”
(下川保明君). The “Modern” stylish rendering of the kanji characters gives this banner a unique value and attractiveness.
It was the first time to see this stylish kanji on a “going to war” banner. A one-of-a-kind banner which reflects the prewar
“Modern” culture of the times.


Super nice exampel!!