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Item Id: IL23015

Luftwaffe Ärmelband "Geschwader Schlageter"

4,452.03 kr

On 8 December 1938 JG 132 was given the unit name “Schlageter”, named after Albert Leo Schlageter. Schlageter was former member of the Freikorps who was executed by the French for sabotage and then became a martyr cultivated by the Nazi Party. On 1 May 1939, the unit was named Jagdgeschwader 26 “Schlageter”.


This type only excisted between 8 December 1938 to 1’st of May 1939. The cuff title is full length 46,5cm EM/NCO’s pattern. Deep blue, fine woven wool construction cufftitle with machine embroidered, Gothic styled script, “Geschwader Schlageter”, in silvery/grey cotton threads. The cufftitle has the typical opened back construction with the top and bottom edges folded over and machine stitched to the reverse. Removed from a tunic in good still used condition with light signs of age and use.


Scarce example in good still used condition!!



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