Item Id: HH6

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Helmet


Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Helmet.


M35 painted in Luftwaffe blue/grey combat paint which remains to approx 45 + %. There is approx 50+ % of the first type Luftwaffe Eagle decal remaining and the National shield decal is remaining to approx 20+ %. In total helmet shell is in Fair condition and have a lot of surface rust to the top!


Liner is in well used Good condition and is a bit dry.  It shows wear all over but have no other damage. It still have its original drawstring to it. It is not size marked as far as we can see. Helmet have a original chinstrap which is slightly shortened, looks like this also is helmets original one it is brittle at the end.


Shell is marked Q64 as well as 738 .


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