Item Id: JM22013

Matched Set of Minty Japanese Army Lieutenant's "Type 3" Tunic & Pants

8,998.30 kr

Matched Set of Minty Japanese Army Lieutenant’s “Type 3” Tunic & Pants


The officer’s tunic, together with the pair of pants, came from an old tailor’s unsold stock. The tunic has period-sewn textbook
late war (“Type 3”) insignia – a pair of large collar tabs, a strip of sleeve band and a couple of bullion star patches on each sleeve.
The two metal stars on each collar tab in combination with a couple of bullion star patches on each sleeve indicate the rank of Lieutenant. (Lieutenant’s tunics with “two star” insignia are much scarcer and attractive than Second Lieutenant’s tunic with
“one star” ones). The tunic has a name tag but no name written to it.


Because this tunic and pants set was possibly “dead stock” or only used a couple of times, there’s no sign of wear, no rips, or no repairs. Though without any moth holes, there is less visible, minor, superficial moth infestation, mainly on wool surface of the lower back of the tunic. This minor moth damage is really inconspicuous and only proves that the tunic and pants are more than 70 years old. Otherwise, the set is perfect and complete. All buttons and hooks are intact. Even a detachable cloth collar is still attached to the inside of the collar of the jacket. This dark olive-green cloth collar has a stamp of “Kaikosha” (偕行社) – a government sponsored army veteran organization which manufactured and sold military clothing for army officers. It’s medium-sized and looks great on a mannequin display.


The tunic comes with a perfectly matching set of trousers which are complete. The trousers is in very good condition with minor storage wear.


Very hard to find a perfectly matching set like this!!