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Item Id: IMP15052

Preussen Garde Helmet Wappen for Officer.


Preussen Garde Helmet Wappen for Officer.


This pattern of Garde star is found only on officer Spiked helmets.  Note the star is quite pronounced and has an enamelled center. Including the curvature of the eagle, the star measures 20mm in depth. As for all Garde Wappen (helmet plates), this pattern is found in gilded brass or frosted silver depending on the Regiment. It must be emphasized that only officers, or men serving in officer positions were allowed to wear this pattern of helmet Wappen.


The helmet plate is in very good condition with only a small damage to the crown as seen on the pictures. It still remains most of it´s original gold guilding at obverse with just some oxidation at the edges. The star have no damage at all. No problems with threads.


Rare to find loose ones for sale!