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Russia WWII Order of the Patriotic War 2'st class With Research


Awarded to Sakov Fedor Ivanovich, Born in 1906, Nationality Russian. In Red Army from 06.1941. Military rank Petty Officer serving in 56th Howitzer Artillery Regiment.


Order of the Patriotic War was Established by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 20, 1942. The Order of the Patriotic War is awarded to individuals of the rank and file of the Red Army, Navy, NKVD troops and partisan detachments, who showed courage, stamina and courage in the battles for the Soviet Motherland, as well as military personnel who, through their actions, contributed to the success of the military operations of our troops.


This is the order of the Patriotic War 2’nd class. Variety 3. Maker marked “MONETNIY DVOR” stamped in two lines. (the minimum known number is 100001, the maximum is 316098). Made of solid silver, gold and Deep red and white enamels. Total weight is about 27g without the silver disc. The maker mark Monetni Dvor is located at the 6 o’clock position underneath the screw and the serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position it reads “207371”


This is what we find in the Russian military archives about this order:

“In the period of preparation for the breakthrough of the enemy’s fortified defense line in the Mogilev direction, Petty Officer Sakov skillfully and resourcefully did a lot of political work among the personnel of the division. In difficult conditions of offensive battles, Petty Officer Sakov correctly aimed personnel to carry out combat missions. Petty Officer Sakov was personally at the observation post(OP), as well as at firing positions, encouraging the fighters to fulfill the orders of the superiors. With his fearlessness, the Petty Officer Sakov showed how to beat the enemy, not sparing his own life. On the six of Januari 1944 having spent a political conversation with the fighters of the platoon of the division’s control on the march, Petty Officer Sakov was wounded in the enemy artillery raid. Despite the wound, the Petty Officern Sakov did not leave the battlefield and only left when the commander ordered.
In battles he is dare, decisive, initiative. Deserves a government award – Order of the Patriotic War 2’st class. Awarded,
 July 4,1944.”


Nice Award with full research!!