WWI Grouping from F.L├╝bbeke Crew Member of Battleship "Gross

WWI Grouping from F.L├╝bbeke Crew Member of Battleship &quotGross

WWI Grouping from F.L├╝bbecke Crew Member of Battleship "Grosser K├╝rfurst"


SMS Grosser Kurf├╝rst was the second battleship of the four-ship K├Ânig class. Grosser Kurf├╝rst served in the German Imperial Navy during World War I. The battleship was laid down in October 1911 and launched on 5 May 1913. She was formally commissioned into the Imperial Navy on 30 July 1914, days before the outbreak of war between Germany and the United Kingdom. Grosser Kurf├╝rst was armed with ten 30.5-centimeter guns in five twin turrets and could steam at a top speed of 21 knots (39 km/h 24 mph).
Along with her three sister ships, K├Ânig, Markgraf, and Kronprinz, Grosser Kurf├╝rst took part in most of the fleet actions during the war, including the Battle of Jutland on 31 May and 1 June 1916. The ship was subjected to heavy fire at Jutland, but was not seriously damaged. She shelled Russian positions during Operation Albion in September and October 1917.


Large and complete grouping from the estate of F. L├╝becke consists of the following item's:


* L├╝becke's named dress jacket. Comlete dress jacket with all buttons intact. Rank Chevron sewn to the left upper sleeve. Name label is sewn to the liner. Good, used condition, no holes or mendings just signs of age and wear.


* S.M.S Grosser K├╝rfurst sailor's cap. Well used cap, complete with cap band and metal cockade. Signs of wear and use, one old tiny mending to the top which is hardly noticable.


* Sailors straight leg trousers. Good used condition with signs of wear and age.


* Sailors Dickie, very good condition with intact straps.


* L├╝bbeckes Milit├Ąrpass with all entrys. Dated 1912. Good used condition with signs of age and wear. No pages missing.


* Four framed period Pictures. Showing L├╝bbecke, his friends and the ships he served at.


* Postcard showing L├╝bbecke with friends, well written to the reverse.


* Period letters, various documents and personal documentation. A vast material to go through, wich we unfortunately does not have the time to do! A interesting work for the next owner!.


* Two different cap bands, both show clear signs of age and use. Probably removed from a album with glue remains to the reverse.


Direct estate bought complete grouping from a former crew member of one of the Kaiserlische marines most famous, modern battleships. Most probably wounded at the Jutland battle. Dont miss out on this rare opportunity to get a museum worthy WWI marine grouping!!


WWI Grouping from F.L├╝bbeke Crew Member of Battleship "Gross

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