Knights Cross Holder Oberstleutnant Paul Audorff Grouping

Knights Cross Holder Oberstleutnant Paul Audorff Grouping

Knights Cross Holder Oberstleutnant Paul Audorff Grouping


Audorff, Paul was born February 6th, 1904 in Bavaria, Germany and died January 17th 1981 in Bavaria.


Paul Audorff's long military career started as a Feldwebel 1934 in Bayern Infantry regiment 21. He was promored to Leutnant and Oberleutnant later the same year. 1937 was Paul again promoted to Haubtmann while serving in Inf. Rgt. 42. 1942, Major and his last Active service rank Oberstleutnant was reached 1943 while commanding the newly created Gren. Rgt. 754. Paul surrendered with his troops in Tunisia and become a prisoner of war in camp Mexia in Texas, USA.


Paul Audorff was a brave Soldier and gifted leader which his list of Awards speaks for themself:


1'st October 1938 and 13 märz 1938 Annectation medals, Heer faithful service 4 and 12 years, Wound Badge in Black, Infantry Assault badge, Afrika cufftitle, Iron Cross Second Class, Iron Cross 1'st Class awarded 27. 6. 1940, Knights Cross of the Iron Cross awarded May 13th 1943.


Here is what we find about about Paul's Knight cross promotion:


Assigned the task of organizing the formation of Grenadier-Regiment 754 in November 1942, he was able to forge this unit into an effective instrument of war within a very short time. As such it was able to be employed with great success on the Tunisian front as early as December of the same year.


"On the 25.04.1943 the English launched an offensive near Medjez el Bab that had the ultimate aim of breaking through to Tunis. On this day Oberstleutnant Audorff personally directed his defense from the foremost line, and he managed to pull off a successful defense against an English Infantry Division reinforced by a tank brigade. The main line of defense therefore remained completely in our hands by the evening of this day. Throughout this time he personally intervened everywhere despite strong enemy artillery and airstrikes. He conducted all the necessary counterthrusts/counterattacks and was the soul of the defensive will. His Regiment was accordingly named in the OKW-Bericht for having the lion’s share of this defensive success. However the prevention of an enemy breakthrough to Tunis on this day is ultimately the personal achievement of Oberstleutnant Audorff, commander of the Grenadier-Regiment 754. Oberstleutnant Audorff has a true soldier’s personality and is particularly worthy of this high honour.”


The grouping consists of following items:


* Paul Audorff's officer visor cap. With silver washed officers insignias and Heavy chin cord. Maker marked "Erel" grade "EXTRA". High quality cap with Erels finer caps trade mark, the ventilated cockade. The cap is VERY good condition with light signs of use and minor signs of age.


* Heavy officer's dress auigilette, with silver braiding. Complete in very good condition. The Auigilette comes in its original case of issue. The case is also in very good condition with light signs of storage wear and age.


* Heer officer, Inf Rgt 42 shoulder straps with unit cyphers and two golden rank pips. Very good condition with light signs of age and use.


* Well used riding spurs.


* War time Picture, picturing Paul and two other officers. Size is 10cm x 8cm.


* Various documents, 3 x personal post cards, well written in good condition. Post war organisation "ODR" member document. And a post war "der Landser" Magazine. With an entire page about Paul Audorff's military career.


Museum quality grouping!!  



Knights Cross Holder Oberstleutnant Paul Audorff Grouping

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