Luftwaffe Generalstabsingenieur Dresscoat

Luftwaffe Generalstabsingenieur Dresscoat

Luftwaffe Generalstabsingenieur Dresscoat



Utterly rare Luftwaffe blue/grey highest quality tricot construction coat with two slash hip pockets. The coat features a five double row of golden button front closure with large fold back lapels and a lay down collar. The fold open lapels are covered with the destinctive generalstab crimson color. The lay down collar has trimmed piping all around also in crimson red. 


The tunic has sewn-in shoulder boards with golden cellion and silver twisted bullion cord top on a crimson red wool underlay. One large gold colored rank pip is pinned in place to each board. The lay down collar features matching crimson red wool collar tabs with hand embroidered almost closed top oak-leaf wreath with a aeroplane propeller to the center all in golden celleon with darker golden bullion highlights. The outer edges of the collar tabs are piped in twisted, gilt celleon wire.



The interior of the coat is fully lined in highest quality dark blue/grey satin cloth. The lining has one inner pocket. Neatly hand sewn to the pocket is a tailors label. It reads: "Karl Hennschen, Plauen i/V HK".


To the left side is a slit opening for a dagger hanger to pass through. The dagger hanger with closed metal ring is still in Place.


The coat is in very good condition. The cloth shows strong colors with just the slightest color fading. There is several areas with spots of wear, mostly located to the back. All clearly visable from our pictures. All insignias match perfectly in age and wear with a nice light age patina. There is no signs of any previous insignias. All the buttons are the gilt washed, pebbled, metal type. The buttons all appear to have original stitching. Inside shows Close to no signs of use. No rips holes or mendings.


The coat is 100% untouched, produced later in the war with the best material still available. Tailor craftmanship is througout extrordinary and is exactly what we expect to see from a generals coat.


The coat comes from a old World known Collection and is probably the rarest item we ever had for sale. Most likely not more than a hanful examples like this still exsisting!!





Luftwaffe Generalstabsingenieur Dresscoat

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