SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Hauptscharf├╝hrer┬┤s Field Tunic

SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Hauptscharf├╝hrer┬┤s Field Tunic

SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Hauptscharf├╝hrer┬┤s Field Tunic. 

Tunic is a typical SD field tunic made in field grey combat cloth with four button closure (and two belthook buttons on back which are SS/RZM marked). Two breast pocket with pleats and scalloped pocket flaps. Two lower slash pockets also with scalloped pocket flaps. Arms with French cuffs. At collar tunic has black/silver twisted cord as well as a set of a right hand blank collar tab used by SD with the same type of cord around the edges. At left side we find a rank tab with two pips and one rank stripe denoting rank of Hauptscharf├╝hrer. At shoulders we find SD, black colored base one a green backing with two pips each and that also denotes the rank of Hauptscharf├╝hrer. At right arm we find a "Old fighters chevron" with field grey backing. Finally at left arm we find first a Officers grade bullion armeagle as well as a "SD" Diamond which also is piped with the black/aluminium twisted cord. At top buttonhole there is a KvK 2┬┤nd class ribbon sewn in Place and at left breast pocket loops for one Award.


Outside tunic show slight chafe wear at highlighted positions and edging, no holes, rips tears or other damage. All insignias match in wear and condition and there is no signs of previous attached insignias.


Inside the tunic is fully lined in grey drill cloth as well as pyama cloth in arms. One inside pocket. No markings at all.

Very rare to find a genuine SD NCO┬┤s Combat Tunic and even more so in this Very Good condition!!




SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Hauptscharf├╝hrer┬┤s Field Tunic

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