Waffen SS Officers White Piped Visor Cap

Waffen SS Officers White Piped Visor Cap

Waffen SS Officers White Piped Visor Cap.


Fieldgrey tricot cloth construction visor cap features a black velvet centerband and white wool waffenfarbe piping. The internal crown stiffening wire, an internal vertical stiffener to the front center of the cap and internal padding are all intact and give the cap a nice shape with a high front peak.

The center of the cap has a very well matching pair of insignias consiting of a silver washed zink SS pattern national eagle. The front of the centerband has a silver washed zink SS style Totenkopf marked "RZM 1/24" for "Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid". The eagle and skull retains some of it´s silver wash, the eagle more then the skull. The cap was found without insignias and both the eagle and skull has been expertly pinned in Place through the old holes from the original insignias.


The cap has a aluminum/silver chin cord which is secured in place by two silver painted pebbled metal buttons .


The interior of the cap is fully lined in a light greyish rayon. The crown lining has approx 50% remaining of the original sweatshield. The interior show stainings from sweat and hairproducts and the rayon have deterioated and there are holes in it and specially around the sweatshield one can see missing parts of the rayon, the lining is though securely attached to the cap, it is mainly the crown lining which has the damage. The interior of the cap also has a brown sweatband made of paper fully intact but with a cut on one side, no material missing though. 


The cap is in overall well used condition with chafewear to the tricot cloth as well as the thick wool piping. The piping have some very small wear/moth holes and the crown has some minor holes as well, we also find some staining on the outside. Cap has no larger rips, tears, holes or moth damage, it is just a salty well used cap with a very nice shape!


Size is approx 57,5 - 58.


Don´t miss out on this Very nice, well worn salty Visor cap which for sure have been there!!!


Waffen SS Officers White Piped Visor Cap

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