Heer Panzerjäger EM/NCO´s Visor Cap

Heer Panzerjäger EM/NCO´s Visor Cap

Heer Panzerjäger EM/NCO´s Visor Cap. 
Cap is in very little worn condition both inside and outside. Made off ribbed field-gray tricot cloth material with pink piping denoting service in Panzer or Panzerjäger branch. It has aluminium wreath/cocade and eagle to the front which both are in nice matching condition. Black leather chin cord (here of the Heer variant with square buckles). 
Interior is made of typical EM/NCO´s orange/brown drill material. Sweat shield is in place to 100%, it have no maker to lining but size "57,5" easily readable under it. Brown colored leather sweatband shows matching little little wear and is all intact. On backside of sweatband the maker is written, also the stamp from the maker of the sweatband and the year of manufacture 13/11 1938. Furthermore we find a unit marking 2./Pz.Abw.44 I. 

Cap is in Very Good little used condition, it have no larger holes, no rips, no tears, no moth damage. Only drawback are two very smal chafe areas at the top as well as two holes under one of the folddown areas and that the sweatband has some nags at the edge, both are hardly noticeable though!
A super nice Panzerjäger EM/NCO´s cap which would be very hard to upgrade!


Heer Panzerjäger EM/NCO´s Visor Cap

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