Item Id: JM22017

Japanese Navy/NLF Officer's Field Cap 


An olive green linen cloth Type 3 cap. Used by a Japanese Navy/NLF officer. The main body is constructed of linen and the lining made of hemp, indicating its very late-war manufacture. However, it is factory-made and shows every sign of professionalism and craftsmanship in its construction and details. The rayon cloth insignia with a design of an anchor half-encircled by leaves, as well as the two strips of thin black cotton tape machine-sewn on both sides of the cap indicate that the cap belonged to an officer. There is a name tag sewn inside the lining. There are small signs of use but it has no damage, let alone rips or repairs. (Only the size adjustment cord going through the rear grommets is cut or shortened.) The green color of the main body is still vivid and hasn’t faded at all. The size is about 55-56 centimeters.


“An untouched, original Navy/NLF officer’s field cap (“Type 3 officer’s”) in any condition is rare and desirable, so a nice-conditioned one like this is exceedingly rare and highly sought after”. 

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