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Item Id: IS23017

Waffen-SS Cufftitle "General Seyffardt"

37,970.59 kr

For the dutch SS volunteers, Panzergrenadier Regiment 48. The regiment was named after General Hendrik Alexander Seyffardt.
Seyffardt was the chied of the Dutch general staff pre war and was collaborating with the Germans commanding “Freiwilligen Legion Niederlande”. He was murdered by the resistance 5th of February 1943 and was honored by naming the Panzergrenadier Regiment 48 into General Seyffardt.


Produced by “BeVo” roughly 44.5cm long, machine woven black rayon construction. Machine woven script: “General Seyffardt” in silvery/grey rayon threads. The cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges with interwoven silvery/grey rayon threads. The full length cufftitle has the typical “salt & pepper” pattern reverse with folded over machine stitched ends. The cufftitle is in very good condition with light age fading.


Very scarce cufftitle!!