Item Id: HH23013

Early Police EM/NCO´s Shako


Uncovered early, molded black vulcanfibre body. Original black leather chin strap intact. The front center of the Shako has a large, silver washed, aluminum, second pattern (Circa June 1936-May 1945) wreathed, Police eagle emblem. The eagle shows nice detailing and is nicely convexed to fit the contours of the Shako. The eagle and wreath retain about 95% of their silver wash and are still quite clean and bright. The eagle is secured to the Shako by two small, screw threaded, retaining post being inserted through two holes in the body with retaining nuts that are visible in the interior.  Removable aluminum cocade pinned in place. Each side of the Shako body has two, small, green painted, screened, alloy ventilation holes situated just below the crown seam


Inside with tan colored leather liner, marked with size 56. Inside of shell is painted black. The shako is in very good condition with no damage, just minor wear marks to exposed parts.


Very nice exampel!!