Item Id: UD24007

Feuerschutzpolizei Meister's White Summer Tunic


New pattern white summer tunic introduced in July 1937 to replace the earlier Reichswehr pattern white tunic. These tunics were only intended to be worn between April 1st and September 30th as a walking out uniform, informal dress, or for viewing or participating in certain sporting events.


White cotton tunic with six (s-ring removable) gold colored button front closure with open neck. Lay down collar with schutzpolizei NCO collar tabs machine sewn in place. Four front pleated patch pockets with scalloped button down flaps. To the shoulders is slip on shoulder straps for feuerschutzpolizei meister. To the left upper sleeve is a feuerschutzpolizei sleeve eagle on white cloth machine sewn in place. To the left breast pocket is award loops sewn for two awards and above the left chest pocket is loops sewn for a 3-4 place ribbon bar. Inside is unlined and complete with all pockets. The tunic has one black ink stamp to the lining it reads: “P.P Berlin GB”. The tunic is in very good condition with minor signs of age and use.


Hard to find a police summer tunic, especially one in this well preserved condition!!

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