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Item Id: AM23032a

German Cross in Gold 1941, Cloth Version Heer or Waffen-SS

10,313.71 kr

The German Cross was introduced on September 28th 1941 in two classes of Gold and Silver. The Gold class Cross was awarded to military personnel for exceptional acts of bravery or achievement in combat while the Silver class was awarded for distinguished acts of service in the war effort. A cloth version was also authorized for wear with the color of the base indicating which branch of service the cross was awarded to with a field-grey base for award to Heer and Waffen-SS personnel, black for Kriegsmarine and Panzer personnel and blue for Luftwaffe. A total of 26.000 was awarded during the war.


Cloth version of the German Cross in Gold, on  field-grey cloth, as issued to the Army and Waffen-SS. The cross is in good worn condition. Protective backing still intact to the reverse.


Getting harder and harder to find this relatively scarce award!!