Item Id: AM01052

German Cross In Gold Maker Marked 1


The War Order of the German Cross, normally abbreviated to the German Cross or Deutsches Kreuz, was instituted by Adolf Hitler on 28 September 1941. It was awarded in two divisions: in gold for repeated acts of bravery or military leadership and in silver for distinguished non-combat war service. The German Cross in Gold ranked higher than the Iron Cross First Class but below the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, while the German Cross in Silver ranked higher than the War Merit Cross First Class with Swords but below the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords. There were approximately 26,000 recipients of the German Cross in Gold, and 2,500 recipients of the German Cross in Silver.


This is a five piece, die struck construction badge with black and red enamel work. The cross features a double, overlaid, eight point, sunburst pattern with the top sunburst layer. The center of the sunburst pattern has a separate silver washed, circular panel with a raised, black enameled swastika encompassed by an embossed, fire gilted, stamped alloy laurel leaf wreath with the impressed introduction date, “1941”, to the bottom on a red enamel base. The solid reverse features four, dome headed retaining rivets, a soldered barrel type hinge on a base plate. A heavy pin and a heavy soldered catch. The obverse of the pin is well marked with the impressed, manufacturer’s numerical code, “1”, indicating manufacture by “Deschler & Sohn, München”. It’s a very substantial, heavy variant, weighing 66 grams.


This Deschler Cross certainly appears to be one that was actually issued and used. It has a great “field” look. The front shows nice, even wear. There is some chipping to the enamel on the swastika and it looks like someone may have carefully tried to repair long ago. It is uncleaned and both the front and back of this Deschler German Cross have a rich patina that has developed from age and wear.




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