Item Id: IMP19062

German WWI Infantry Regiment 15, "Minden". Glass Reservist Bottle With Lanyards.

2,599.44 kr

German WWI Infantry Regiment 15, “Minden”. Glass Reservist Bottle With Lanyards.


Highly decorative reservist glass bottle with decorated, alloy metal case. The metal case is made of two parts with a hinge positioned to the lower part. The two halfs is closed by metal pins, one located to each side of the bottleneck. The polished metal top is removable with a zinc cast eagle, with out-stretched wings.


Named to “Gefr. Krame”. The front is well decorated with a blue colored plate with the usual slogan “Parole Heimat”. Attached to the blue colored background is a golden colored insignia with a shoulder strap in blue with the number “15” for “Infantry Regiment 15” and below that the name “Minden”. The reverse has a similar back plate as the obverse. This one shows the typical reservist theme, found on more or less all reservist steins, scarfs and bottles: The Soldiers every day Life. 


This one is complete with all lanyards, Three separate tassel’s to the bottom and a long red/White/black colored lanyard for wear/wall attachment. Good used condition with clear signs of age. There is also one old mending to the lower part of the metal “case”. Despite the old mending and signs of age and use, we still rate this on as “good condition”.


Hard to find any of these reservist bottles, much harder compared to the more famous “steins”!!


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