Item Id: UC23050

Heer Panzer Major's M36 Combat Tunic


Tailor made field-grey combat wool construction tunic with dark-green badge cloth collar. The tunic features a six button front closure with dual metal hooks and eyes at the neck. The tunic has four pleated front pockets with scalloped button down flaps. Officer collar tab’s, of dark green wool with pink rayon center stripes and bright silver/aluminum bullion, machine sewn in place. Shoulder boards with russian braids on pink cloth backing are sewn and buttoned down in place. Above right breast pocket is a Officer’s hand embroidered national eagle in bright silver threads on dark green backing, neatly hand sewn in place. Award loops for three awards sewn to the left breast pocket. Above the same pocket is loops sewn for a 3-5 place ribbon bar. The tunic is fully lined inlight-green rayon cloth and sleeves with pyjama striped rayon. Internal dagger hanger still present.


The tunic is in good still used condition with age/use fading all exposed parts. All insignias match perfectly in condition and are original to the tunic. No holes, rips or mendings.


A beautiful and untouched panzer major’s tunic in very good, still used condition!!

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