Item Id: JM22022

Japanese Army Officer's Field Cap in Large Size


Japanese Army Officer’s Named Field Cap in Large Size


A wartime or late war army officer’s wool cap with silk lining. It has a bullion army star patch period handsewn on the front.
The main body is sturdily built from a thick wool material in the typical olive drab color common to all Japanese army officer’s
all-season uniforms. However, like most Japanese officer’s caps, the interior of this cap show some signs from use. While the outside
of the cap shows little damage, the surface of the artificial leather used for the sweat band is flaking in part, particularly,
around the edge, where traces of repair sewing are observable. The ersatz leather used for the sweat band for the Japanese officer’s
cap is especially prone to damage and many caps are missing their sweat bands as well as the silk linings. However, this one has its
silk lining almost intact and the machine-embroidered original owner’s sir name “Kasai” (笠井)still clearly visible in the center.
It’s a tailor-made cap and was made without size-adjustment and air-ventilation grommets. The cap is complete with an ersatz leather
chinstrap, which is unbroken but slightly damaged on the coating on the surface. There is only very minor, nearly unrecognizable moth
damage on the main wool body. The size is roughly 58cm-59cm and it can fit on any mannequin head.


A WW2 Japanese cap of this size is quite scarce. Fully recommended for its originality, its large size, and its beautiful combat used condition!!