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Item Id: MP23014

KC Holder Grossdeutschland Unteroffizier Fritz Röger Signed Post War Photo


Post card sized, post war photo with post war signature. Signed to the front with text to the back. The photo is in very good condition.


Röger’s rank was Unteroffizier and serced in Panzergrenadier-Division Großdeutschland. The Knights cross was awarded on:
September 21st, 1944. For the following actions:


1) Launching a daring scouting mission during the fighting in Romania in April 1944, where Feldwebel Röger and one of his men dressed up as shepherds and were able to infiltrate the Soviet lines. His cover worked, and he was not only able to gather much valuable intelligence, but also blow up a railway bridge located within Soviet territory.

2) The fighting on 17.08.1944, where the I.(gep)/Panzer-Fusilier Regiment was searching for a place to ford the Venta. On this day Unteroffizier Röger was driving with the rest of his Zug headquarters at the tip of the German spearhead towards the town of Kursenai. When they turned around a bend they suddenly found themselves staring right into the barrel of a Soviet 150mm Howitzer. Acting without hesitation, Röger jumped out of his SPW and stormed forward with his MP 40, capturing the gun and its tractor along with the rest of the platoon. After defending against a Soviet counterattack the Germans pressed on, and were able to reach the Venta. Here it was Röger who managed to find a ford across the small stream. By all these actions he was able to contribute significantly to the advance of his Bataillon on this day.


Röger was also awarded three tank destruction badges and honor roll clasp as well as several lower graded awards.


Extra interesting with the full Knigts Cross action deed report!!

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