Item Id: AM01053

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross L/12 Juncker "Lazy 2"

206,216.61 kr

This version is marked with a “2” in accordance with a request from early 1944 from the Pr√§sidialkanzlei to mark pieces with the company’s PKZ number and no longer their LDO number. On this version, the “2” is stamped under the ring on the reverse to the left. It is not upright but on its side “lazy”. The “2” can lie either on its “back” or on its “belly”. The lazy 2 version exclusively uses different paint than all the other Knight’s Crosses by Juncker, a kind of paint that is more matte and more coarse and also tends to flake off more easily.


An excellent example by an in demand wartime maker with magnetic core and frosted silver frame marked 800 and “2” on reverse top arm. The cross exhibiting the manufacturing characteristics and die flaws of C.E. Juncker with other words a textbook “Lazy 2” as known among collectors. Cross measures 48.4 mm x 48.4 mm, weight of 34grams. Separate medal loop is marked 800 which is the silver content. The cross shows signs of real period use. The swastika has no black paint left, either from use or as seen on war time photos removed by the RK holder to highlight the swastika. The obverse shows a bit more paint fading and light scratches from use. All in all a good condition cross which shows signs of real use. The cross comes with a original RK ribbon measuring 42cm in length. At the end of the ribbon is a hook and catch sewn to either sides for closure. Sewn to the wide ribbon is a smaller one. Reason for this is when used the wearer could either use it when wearing a shirt or tunic.


Very rare and desirable Juncker Knight’s Cross and period ribbon!!