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Item Id: AB22068

Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner's Badge


The Blockade Runner’s Badge was instituted by Adolf Hitler on April 1st 1941 for award to Naval personnel and Merchant marines who met specific criteria, the most important being returning a ship to Germany after running an enemy blockade.


Early badge made of heavy, die struck Buntmetal with both bright and a burnished silver finishes. The badge is nicely detailed. The reverse has a solid soldered hinge a broad, tapering vertical pin and catch all intact, catch is a bit bent. The reverse is well marked with embossed designer’s name, “Fec. Otto Placzek Berlin”, and the manufacturer’s name, “Ausf. Schwerin Berlin”. The swastika has been denazified, but rather sloppy with some of the swastika clearly still visable.


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