Item Id: GG01001

Kurt Prowald Gren. Rgt Grossdeutschland Grouping

14,923.19 kr

Very nice and rather scarce grouping. The group consists  of following items:


  • Kurt Prowalds soldook, with first entry 27 August 1943. Page 4 shows Prowald was placed / trained in Grossdeutschland. Followed by well filled equipment lists. Prowald was equipt with a MP44(!) and pistol P38. Kurt was wounded 8’th of Mars 1944 and was placed in Grossdeutschland replacement battalion after that. The book has many entrys, a couple of pages missing with the permission entrys. Pages loose.
  • 3 – type later war, machine embroidered cufftitle. Heavily shortened, 17cm in good still well used condition.
  • Period photo showing Kurt in Assault gunner wrap with GD shoulder straps. The picture meassures 13cm x 10cm.
  • Large framed wartime picture, taken at the same time as the smaller photo. Frame is post war. The picture meassures 24cm x 18cm.
  • Small front picture
  • Wound badge document, with binder holes.
  • 3 different documents from Kurt Prowald’s service in RAD.
  • Discharge document and prisoner personal data document.
  • GD Post war stick pin.


Rather scarce and complete GD grouping!!